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3 min read

Myth-busting: What You Need to Know About Averitt's Image Policy

Jun 3, 2022 9:05:39 AM

Sometimes people hear that Averitt has a uniform and image policy and they think they can’t join us because they have tattoos or a beard or something. That’s a myth! We allow a lot of room for personal expression and individuality while adhering to a high standard for professionalism. Let’s get the real story on what our professional image policy covers and how YOU can join us too!
Our associates know how to do their jobs well, and as a company, we’ve committed to making sure we all look the part. We were actually one of the first companies in the industry to provide uniforms, because we believe in the power of a good first impression and the importance of a professional, team appearance.
Maybe you’ve wondered, “Does Averitt allow beards?” or “Can I join Averitt even though I have tattoos?” The answer is YES!


Here are answers to some questions people ask most frequently about our image and uniform policy:
Is facial hair allowed at Averitt?
Yes it is! Beards, goatees and mustaches are permitted for all positions, with a maximum of 1/2 inch in length.
Does Averitt allow tattoos?
Yes we do! We know tattoos can be a great way to express yourself, showcase beautiful artwork or tell a story about something - or someone - important to you. We allow tattoos as long as they’re not distracting. Offensive or disturbing tattoos are prohibited, but we do offer arm sleeve and long-sleeve shirt options in our uniform selections for tattoos that require covering.
What kinds of hair styles can I have at Averitt?
For women, hair must be neatly trimmed or pulled back. Male associates should not have hair extending below the collar. We also require that hair remains a naturally occurring color and that sideburns are trimmed to the earlobe.
Can Averitt associates wear jewelry?
Earrings are allowed for women, although any type of hoop or dangling earrings cannot be worn while handling freight for safety reasons. We also do not allow piercings for men, nor excessive jewelry to be worn.
Averitt’s Uniformity program
One of the perks about being an Averitt associate is our Uniformity program. Since we require all drivers and dock associates to wear uniforms, we provide a uniform allotment to purchase some of these items. This helps you stay looking your professional best!
It’s important to us to protect the individuality of our associates, which is why we allow facial hair and tattoos. At the same time, we know that maintaining a professional appearance ensures our associates are received with respect from customers and the general public. That’s why we want your uniform to be neat, clean, coordinated and in good condition. Our hats and clothing display our Averitt logo because we’re proud to be part of the best team out there!  
At Averitt, we pride ourselves on being the standout when it comes to our level of customer service and professionalism, and we think we raise the standard when it comes to our associates’ appearance too.

 If you have any questions about our image policy, you can view it here or give one of our recruiters a call today!

Looking for a team with an eye on professionalism, inside and out? Then take a look at Averitt - see openings in your area now!

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